Get over it, and go on!

There is a phrase you hear a lot when you have a large family, ” that’s not fair!” My response has been not  to bring about fairness but tell my kids that they need to get over it and go on because in the real world life is not fair. We are teaching the younger generation a very poor lesson, and that is if life or in this case an election does not go your way, cry about it, burn cars, don’t take a test or take time of for self love.

How do we deal with the troubles and unfairness life throws at us? We get up and go on and by God’s help and grace he helps us to overcome, trusting and knowing that in the end, God will make everything right. People sometimes ask, ” How is life treating you?” My response is, “How are you treating life?”  Yes, we get hurt and upset, but we will become bitter if think or dream that  everything needs to be fair. It will not be until Jesus comes so we better get a better plan together than just crying about it.



It pays to be patient

Often we don’t wait for the things we want. That is no different for a pastor when he desires to expand the ministries of the church. But it is also wise to be patient and not make rash decisions. We have a need for basketball backboards to be mounted in our gym. If we want to do any serious ministry in this area, we need to have these for safety reasons. However they are very expensive and it is not an investment that we can afford right now. I have been tempted to go ahead with this project, but have been praying and trusting that God would work it out.

A few nights ago I was browsing on Ebay and found the exact glass backboards I had been looking for. They were a local pickup and when I was that they were in Mcgraw NY I quickly googled the address and discovered that they were only four hours away. I got excited and the next day made my bid for $500, the low bid and by 2 PM I had won the bid. Lana and I drove to Mcgraw NY the next day and picked them up.

The point is, it pays to be patient. But patient does not mean we do nothing, I was also actively seeking a solution. Don’t get frustrated or impatient, seek God and trust in Him because you will see him work things out, many times in a way you never expected.